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As part of this Bootcamp we aim to support you into an interview for a job role where you can utilise the skills you have learnt on the course. We are partnered with multiple recruitment agencies where we will share your CV and information for them to contact you about relevant suitable job roles. Are you happy for us to share this information whilst you are on the course?

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Our skills bootcamp consists of mandatory full or half day virtual workshops, delivered within standard working hours. There are also optional AM/PM hour long trainer-led sessions that we highly recommend you join, these are also within standard working hours The time commitment for our skills bootcamps is 8-12 hours per week, but depending on your chosen programme, this will either be delivered all within working hours or a mixture between working hours and self-directed e-learning. If you cannot commit to this, please do not continue this application but please do contact us at to discuss alternative options

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Information, Advice and Guidance

The questions below are asked to ensure the enrolment process has been effective and the learner is enrolling onto the right programme. This also provides the opportunity for the training provider to clarify and reaffirm details relating to the programme and for the learner to seek any clarification required.

The next set of questions will help us to set a benchmark for you in studying the programme. You should answer them by selecting a number from one to ten, with one being the lowest and ten being the highest.